The Resurrection and the Life
by Brian Keene, Illustrations by George A. Walker

The Resurrection and the Life Ultra Edition


Format #1: Ultra Edition
Number of Copies: Limited to 15 copies, only 10 were made for sale.
Availability: SOLD OUT

Format #2: Lettered Edition
Number of Copies: 52
Availability: SOLD OUT

Format #3: Numbered Edition
Number of Copies: 250
Availability: SOLD OUT

Format #4: P/C Copies
Number of Copies: 50 copies total of which 30 went to author, publisher and artist.
Availability: SOLD OUT

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    Lettered Edition
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    Lettered Edition
  • Ultra Edition picture 1
    Ultra Edition
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    Ultra Edition


When Jesus of Nazareth gets word that his old friend Lazarus has died, he risks everything to return to Bethany and bring his old friend back to life. But even as he faces murderous priests and betrayal at the hands of his own disciples, Jesus must also battle another enemy . . . Ob, Lord of the Siqquism, who is determined to bring forth The Rising.